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Our queen contest has changed a bit. It is now open to all juniors and seniors in the area and more money is being added to the prizes!!!! Fill out the registration found at the bottom of this page!

West Point Sweet Corn Festival       will be canceled for this year     August 13 - 16, 2020

The Sweet Corn Festival Committee (SCFC) met with the rest of the West Point Community Club and discussed the pros and cons of having the festival this year. With the implications created by this year's current state, the current guidelines and ultimately safety of the entire community; the club voted and by vast majority agreed that the event should be canceled until next year (August 2021). This decision does not come easy as the local businesses are affected as well as our loyal carnival supplier. However, taking into account all factors lands on the uneasy decision to cancel. As we rely heavily on volunteering from all willing and able residents, safety comes before cost and adding the risks for our small town members was too much. Whichever side of the fence you stand on, please know the community's safety is what matters most and what drove this unfortunate decision. Thank you for your understanding and patience.

Stay healthy and safe, Your SCFC



P.O. Box 305, West Point, Iowa 52656


Facebook: West Point Sweet Corn Festival

Instagram: wpcornfest

Hashtag: #WPSCF

2020 Sweet Corn Festival General Chairman:

Name: Justin & Abby Mehmert

Cell: 319-470-9139 (Justin)

Cell: 319-371-7755 (Abby)

Email: jubbymehmert@gmail.com

Names: Derek & Courtney Vandenberg

Cell: 319-470-4759 (Derek)

Cell: 319-470-7127 (Courtney)

Email: derekv2393@gmail.com

Name: Josh & Kaitlyn Fullenkamp

Cell: 319-316-2836 (Josh)

Cell: 319-759-3049 (Kaitlyn)

Email: jfullenkamp9@gmail.com

Email: Kefullenkamp@gmail.com

Name: Bernie & Ann Abolt           
Cell: 319-470-4525 (Ann)
Email: 319-371-7754 (Bernie)

Email: aboltbs@mchsi.com

Name: Mitch & Nancy Hunold         
Cell: 319-470-3050 (Nancy)
Email: 319-470-3858 (Mitch)

Email: hunoldoil@gmai.com          

Name: Mitch & Nancy Hunold                                                       
Cell: 319-470-3050 (Nancy)

Name: Ted & Sue Vonderhaar           
Cell: 319-316-2347 (Ted)
Cell: 319-572-7836 (Sue)